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1. Built-in light-sensing trackball allows users to easily operate the computer without a mouse.
2. Using laser engraving technology, the character HD wear-resistant does not fade, clear and beautiful, high button life.
3. Concave keycap, key distance anti-error design, short keystroke, quick rebound, comfortable and non-slip.
4. There are multiple drainage holes on the back of the keyboard to effectively discharge liquid and splash.
5. USB cable, plug and play.
6. Made of ABS material, it is sturdy and durable.

1. Product size: 360x130x25mm.
2. Trackball size: 360x130x25mm.
3. System requirements: Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
4. Operating temperature: 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.
5. Storage temperature: -20 to 60 degrees Celsius.
6. Operating humidity: 10% to 95% RH.
7. Weight: 0.41kg.

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