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1. Black pedal, metal material, usb head purchase injection molding form, the weight of the foot switch can bear more than 150kg, durable
2. The device is equivalent to a standard USB keyboard and mouse with a button. The button can be defined by the setting software as any key value, button combination, mouse, multimedia function, gamepad function and string printing function on your keyboard. The key values are saved in the device and no additional software is required for device usage.
3. Simulate any key of keyboard, combination key, mouse, multimedia, gamepad, string, end of string + any key, multimedia, gamepad and other functions. Convenience!
4. Uses: Various intelligent control games, instrument control, factory testing, piano keyboard testing, hospital image scanning, multimedia teaching, medical, epidemic prevention stations, etc.
5. The software only supports windows system
6. Hardware supports all operating systems
7. If you are using it on a Mac or Linux system, you need to set the key in Windows and connect the switch to your Mac or Linux computer.

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