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1. Ergonomic design.
2. Multimedia buttons, fast and convenient, direct access.
3. The wireless transmission distance is up to 10 meters.
4. 2.4GHz technology, 360 degrees free to use.
5. Nano receiver, plug and play.
6. The life of the button can reach more than 1 million times.
7. Support multi-language layout.
8. Excellent flexibility and touch.
9. The resolution of the electronic pen mouse is adjustable, 800/1200/1600DPI.
10. The keyboard requires 2 7-cell batteries (not included), and the electronic pen mouse requires 1 7-cell battery (not included), saving power and convenience.
11. Power saving technology and low voltage warning.
12. Support Windous, Mas, TV box, smart TV, set-top box, etc.
13. Keyboard material: ABS.
14. Keyboard size: 28.5x12x1.8cm.
15. Electronic pen mouse size: 14x2x1.5cm.
16. Receiver size: 1.9×1.5×0.6cm.
17. Keyboard weight: 273g.
18. Electronic pen mouse weight: 24g.
19. Receiver weight: 2g.

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